ACS was born out of the need to provide services as a trusted partner

ACS was born out of the need to provide services as a trusted partner

The foundation of ACS was due to a need that has been seen time and time again in the industry. The founders of ACS have worked in IT for more than 18 years. Each of them has shared similar experience and similar frustrations. All of them have had the experience on both sides of the spectrum, where their first half of their professional experience for an IT Consultancy and rest of the experience is working with customers who uses an IT consultancy one way or the other.

The growth of IT Consultancies is huge in UK yet the deep feeling inside using an existing consultancy is always a challenge due it the history of bad experiences including missed deadlines, lack of commitment, dissatisfied and displeased.

ACS was founded in February 2020 by a team of experienced IT strategists and consultants with backgrounds in a broad range of industries. Driven by a desire to make IT better and more accessible for everyone, ACS is continuously working with startups and building community portals to give back to the tech community.

ACS as established on a firm ground of helping customers as a trusted partner.

“Our core values “Partnership”, “Commitment” and “Customer excellence” underpin everything we do.” says Saif Mohammad, Managing Partner @ ACS

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