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Increase employee productivity by 40% by automating business processes in finance

jets luke
Jets Luke
Technology Partner

“Finance teams are struggling to cope with increased demand and are spending most of their time on manual processes.

Most of these manual tasks comprise of repetitive tasks which can be automated giving the team back their valuable time.

Key Result 1

Improved Productivity

Key Result 2

Increased Accuracy

Key Result 3

Extract Insights
Increase employee productivity by 40% by automating business processes in finance

The Challenge

Every organisation is responsible for ensuring the integrity of their financial reports, managing cash flow and performing other basic finance functions. Finance teams spend most of their valuable time following manual processes instead of focussing on growing the organisation. In most cases the process will include copy and paste from one system to another, using multiple spreadsheets.

How we can help

We can help finance teams achieve their full potential by automating most of their manual processes.  This frees up time and headspace to focus on insight tasks instead.


By automating finance processes finance departments become more efficient, accurate and more compliant. Finance automation enables finance leaders to focus on reporting, finance control and accounting instead of spending all of their time in crunching numbers.

Key result 1

Improved Productivity

Teams have to enter data only once and automation will be able to propagate across the systems decreasing the data entry time and increasing resource efficiency.

Key result 2

Increased Accuracy

Reducing the level of manual entry increases accuracy and thus reduces the error rate. Automation will also increase overall efficiency with the improved integration between the systems used by different departments.

Key result 3

Extract Insights

Automation ensures all of the data is centrally stored and accessed allowing the finance team to spend more time understanding data to unlock actionable insights.

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