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Improve customer experience by setting a 75%+ target to resolve issues on first contact

Saif Mohammad
Saif Mohammad
Managing Partner

“It is so important to get customer experience right and one of the critical measures to concentrate on is first contact resolution.

Improving first contact resolution success rates so it is right first time will always increase customer satisfaction.

Key Result 1

End-to-end systems integration

Key Result 2

Increase digital channels for customers

Key Result 3

Personalised experience for customers
Improve customer experience by setting a 75%+ target to resolve issues on first contact

The Challenge

Housing associations are under the pressure to reduce costs, meet rising customer expectations and urgently to shift to digital channels. Housing associations are continuously trying to improve customer experience by aiming to improve resolution of issues on first contact.

Yet customers still do not feel they are satisfied as mentioned in the Housemark report “Customer Excellence Benchmarking Report”. What exactly is the challenge?

Current customer experience follows a series of disparate and disconnected interactions. The systems being used are not fully integrated and unable to provide a 360-degree view, leaving customers unsatisfied.

How we can help

Simply put, by adopting a customer centric approach to customer experience. We can help you by:

  • End-to-end integration of the systems giving a 360-degree customer view
  • Digitise customer channels
  • Personalise the customer’s experience

Expected Results

Contact centres will now have all customer information at their fingertips – including history, preferences, previous feedback/complaints etc., allowing them to provide the best possible advice and quickly present them with right options.

Key result 1

End-to-end systems integration

Integrating all systems involved in the customer journey will allow all customer interactions via a single platform used by call centres.

Key result 2

Increase digital channels for customers

All customers to be able to use multiple channels to serve their needs including phone, email, webchat, SMS, social media, face-to-face.

Key result 3

Personalised experience for customers

All contact centre interactions will be available on a single platform providing a 360-degree view of each customer, allowing them to be proactive and have the ability to provide best-practice options in an instant.


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