Why Digital Transformation is a Journey Not a Destination

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation (DT or DX)

We work with you and ensure you transform yourselves, be modernized and be prepared to adapt new business models. In this constantly evolving and ever changing world digital transformation will always mean differently for different organisations. Our experience always states that digital transformation should always be treated as a journey and not a destination.

We generally follow a 3 step approach to help you in your digital transformation journey

Step 1) Help you Transform – We help you transform your business working with people, processes and technology. 

At this stage we will work with you to completely assess your digital transformation journey. Our team of experts will work with you and your workforce to understand your organisation, understand your processes and deep dive into your technology eco system. After a thorough understanding of the audit we will provide our recommendations.

Step 2) Guide your journey – We will work with you to guide through your transformation journey in delivering technology to you and your workforce. 

At this step we will work with you to clearly define goals, objectives and a roadmap. We will work in collaboration with you in order to make sure your digital transformation journey is on track and we will always keep you informed on the progress.

Step 3) Improve Excellence – We ensure you achieve your operational excellence and improve customer experience.

By now you have achieved various key milestones as part of your journey, at this stage our team of experts will work with you to ensure you improve all of the capabilities that are required to achieve operational excellence always ensuring excellent customer experience.

As a best practice we user our maturity model to help you with your digital transformation journey.

Our Maturity Model

It is imperative for organisations to understand where they are as part of their maturity, which in turn explains their DT journey. We use our staged maturity model to help you track your digital transformation journey. Organisations will have to undergo various stages of the digital transformation maturity model depicted below.

Digital Transformation Maturity Framework

We will work with you to define your maturity model for your digital transformation journey. We will help you in scoping, analysing, developing, implementing and evaluating your maturity. Then we will help you to clearly define a set of milestones for each stage, after which each milestone should be tracked and validated to ensure defined benefits are realised.

Our digital brain analogy explains in detail about a person gains maturity from Novice to Expert.


Stages of Digital Transformation

1. Digital Novice –  Not fully digital aware, little understanding of digital context but with limited skills.

2. Digital Apprentice –  Limited experience in digital, fully digital aware but need support.

3. Digital Competent –  Digitally capable, experienced but need speed and flexibility.

4. Digital Proficient –  Very experienced, flexible, increased accuracy but need deep understanding.

5. Digital Expert –  Enormous experience, operates with deep understanding and has great flexibility


Organisations irrespective of the size, industry and location will have to embrace digital transformation as part of the long-term strategy to succeed, survive and sustain. Some of you might have already been either through part of the the journey or fully completed the journey, yet again it will always be a good idea to keep a tap on digitalisation by ensuring you have a deep understanding of latest technology trends in the market, different types of business models and understand data insights in your industry.

At ACS we have got expertise in helping businesses with digital transformation. We provide free consultation with one of our experts, feel free to book an appointment online.

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