What is Software Development as a Service?

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Software Development is becoming an ever changing landscape. Software is now becoming integral part of human life and is becoming wide spread across all industries. Software Development encompasses various areas and will be difficult to cover every single aspect. Here are some of the highlights

The different aspects of software development

  • Product Development – Includes bespoke development including Applications, Websites, Mobile Apps
  • Integrations– Includes integration of systems using APIs, API Gateway, Data Integration, EDI
  • Automation Development – Includes various automations using Cloud computing, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Value-Add for 3rd Party Software – Including enhancing the features of SAAS solutions with Addons and Plugins
  • Platform – Including buying Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) SAAS Solutions and be able to configure to organisation needs
  • QA – Includes testing the software by performing functional testing, Non-functional Testing and Automated Testing

In order to deliver any type of software mentioned above you will need development team(s). Development team(s) will then have to follow a methodology to be able deliver a end result either with iterative releases or a final release.

The best approach is always to be able to adopt iterative release methodology which is also know as Agile software development. Refer to the article published by which clearly explains various types of Agile methodologies. The methodology will be different for different organisations based on their setup.

We at ACS follow Agile Scrum methodology for software development. We are helping organisations with various aspects of software development including

The types of software development

ACS can help businesses in various aspects of software development. Just complete the form for a free consultation and we shall be in touch with you to understand your specific requirements.

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