How to configure Version Control of Talend using Azure DevOps

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To configure the version control system for Talend projects you will need

  1. Azure DevOps
  2. Talend subscription solution

The stage loop of continuous improvement of Talend and Azure Devops

DevOps Image by Joseph

Step 1 – Git URL


Talend Version Control Step 1

  1. Go to Azure DevOps
  2. Click on Repos
  3. Copy the HTTPS link

Step 2 – Create Project in Talend Cloud


Talend Version Control Step 2

1. Login to the Talend Cloud Portal with a valid subscription account

2. Select an app “Management Console”

3. Select PROJECTS and click on “ADD PROJECT”

4. Enter the Project name and paste the Git URL copied from the above step

Step 3 – Assign Users to Project


Talend Version Control Step 3

1. Select the project

2. Go to COLLABORATORS and enter the users

Step 4 – Open Project from Talend Studio


Talend Version Control Step 4

1. Open Talend studio

2. Click on Manage Connections

3. Select the Repository

4. Enter the Name, Description and User name

5. User name should be the one from Profile preferences from cloud

6. Enter the User Password and check the connection by clicking “Check url”
Talend Version Control Step 6
7. Alternatively, Token can also be used. For that go to Profile preference in the cloud and create a token

8. Upon successful connection, it will ask for the Git login
Talend Version Control Step 8

9. Get the credentials from DevOps. Click on Repos and click on the button

“Generate Git Credentials”
Talend Version Control Step 9

10. Create Job and Push
Talend Version Control Step 10

11. Create ETL job and push the code to the repository using the GIT option
Talend Version Control Step 11

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Final Step – Validate in DevOps

The Pushed code [Contents, History] can be found under the Repos

Talend Version Control Step 12

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