Why you should change your approach to Digital Transformation?

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Covid has had a massive impact across various industries. Statista has done an analysis on “Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact index by major sector and dimension 2020”

Rethinking Digital Transformation
Rethinking Digital Transformation
Breakdown of the impact of Covid on Digital Transformation


Covid has had impact around Digital Transformation across all industries. Some organisations have started prioritizing operations over transformations where as some organisations have doubled their efforts in Digital Transformation. “IDC Spending Guide Shows Continued Growth for Digital Transformation in 2020, Despite the Challenges Presented by the COVID-19 Pandemic” shows the trend

Digital Transformation before and after Covid


Investing in Digital Transformation will enable organisations to be future ready. We have already seen organisations who have been undergoing Digital Transformation succeeded due to their investment in

  • Robust Infrastructure (including broadband, end user computing etc..)
  • Agile Working Culture (work from anywhere)
  • Collaboration Tools (including office 365, G Suite etc..)

These are only some of the success factors which allowed organisations empowering their employees to embrace remote working. More success can be attained with the investment in

  • Platforms (including CRM, ERP etc..)
  • Data Science and Machine Learning (including Data Lake, Data Warehouse etc..)
  • Partnership (including suppliers, SI partners, IT partners etc..)

At ACS we have experts who can assess the current state of play for your digital transformation journey and guide your journey for beyond Covid-19. Contact us for a quick chat.


Organisations should continue to invest in Digital Technologies depending the type of industry. Industries who have had less impact should continue with their Digital Transformation Programme and their investment of at least 70 to 80%. Other industries who have had impact should still continue slowly but surely with the investment of at least 30 to 40%.

Digital Transformation for organisations should be designed in such a way that could easily be adopted to changing needs with respect to environment, industry, regulations and other impacts.

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