What is the role of data in a successful Digital Transformation?

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Role of data

Are you prepared for the Pandemic?

By now most organisations have moved ahead with their Digital Transformation Programme, not just for the productivity improvement, but also for the ever-changing situation with impending lock downs and for the second or subsequent virus waves.

Classic problems with data within a Digital Transformation

We always heard about the classic problems associated with data, such as, lack of trust worthy data, in-accessible data, lack of clean data etc.

During the pandemic times, it becomes even more acute with “Work From Home” (WFH) situation, with most using Remote Desktop and Citrix connections.

Mashing the data taken from different sources becomes a near impossible challenge for the business users as well as the Power Users.

Breakdown of a data warehouse

Data Platform, Data Warehouse, Data Marts, are some of the various answers we get in our intelligent minds to solve our problems with data.

We should start our approach by answering following questions to start with

  • Do we need to adopt Inmon, Ralph Kimball or Big Data methodologies to implement them?
  • How do we fail fast, or how do we keep adopting our development methodology to the evolving business requirements?
  • How do we keep track of the various changes made to the code, and their version control?

Cloud adoption has been gaining popularity, but the choice of compatible tools and to keep the costs down, in the face of increasing number of tools to choose from, is becoming a bigger problem to grapple with.

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Build it Fast, Build it to withstand Changes in the Business Requirements, enhance the build productivity by leaps and bounds are our mantra towards building Cloud Data Platforms.

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