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Gartner defines Digital Transformation as

Digital transformation can refer to anything from IT modernisation (for example, cloud computing), to digital optimisation, to the invention of new digital business models. The term is widely used in public-sector organisations to refer to modest initiatives such as putting services online or legacy modernisation. Thus, the term is more like “digitisation” than “digital business transformation.

Organisations across the globe are now engaged in some form of initiatives relating to Digital Transformation. A clear digital transformation strategy encompasses people, processes and technology to deliver business goals of an organisation.

Information technology is a key capability which plays a key part in Digital Transformation.

IT Strategy plays a key part of the digital transformation

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Organisational Strategy – defines business goals and capabilities along with how to achieve them.

Digital transformation strategy – defines all of the digital initiatives required for an organisation to successfully achieve its goals, aligning to organisational strategy.

IT Strategy – define IT specific initiatives required for an organisations, aligning to digital transformation strategy.

Organisational strategy drives Digital Transformation Strategy and provides input into IT Strategy. A strong IT strategy should allow an organisation to create a strong information technology capability with an enterprise IT team that supports the business.

How IT Strategy is an important cog driving digital transformation

IT strategy should address various key aspects including

– People

– Process

– Technology

– Partnerships

– Governance and

– Organisational change.


A future ready organisation should adept to agility for change in culture, people, process and technology. An IT Strategy and roadmap is essential for the organisations in order to deliver digitalisaton. You will then forever be ready and prepared for whatever the challenges coming your way.

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